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Michigan Text Message Ban Proposed

By Michael Morse | September 30, 2008

The recent California train crash that killed at least 25 and injured over 100 was caused by the driver text messaging and missing a stop signal. This same inattentiveness results in countless car accidents in Michigan and around the country every day. Any activity that takes a driver’s attention from the road is extremely dangerous. Cell phone use is distracting enough, but texting requires a driver to take their hand off the wheel and their eyes off the road, making this activity incredibly risky while driving.

There is a proposed bill in the Michigan Legislature that would punish drivers that text message while driving. The proposal calls for a $100 fine, but would only be a secondary offense. This means that police can only write the ticket if the driver is pulled over for some other offense, or if they cause an accident.

Unfortunately, if you are injured in an accident because of the driver’s text messaging, the $100 fine is little relief. If cell phone usage or texting are suspected in an accident, attorneys can subpoena the cell phone records to use against the negligent driver in court (think of the Kwame Kilpatrick case), and hold the driver accountable for the injuries they caused.

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