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Welcome to our Michigan Pothole Legal Information Section where it is our goal to help answer all your questions about Michigan Pothole accidents and what your rights are concerning recovering damages.


If you have been injured in an accident in Michigan involving a pothole, please contact us by phone at 1.800-281-0606 or and we will be happy to answer all of your questions at no charge.


Michigan Pothole Accident Information


Michigan Law Regarding the Condition of Roadways:

In order for the road agency to be liable to an individual, they must have actual or constructive notice of the defect in the road before the accident occurs. Click here to learn more.


Pothole Auto Insurance Claims:

Everyone must have auto insurance to drive in Michigan. Collision coverage is not mandatory. If you are injured personally or if your property is damaged by a pothole, you can make an insurance claim with your own company if you have collision coverage on your vehicle. Click here to learn more.


Personal Injury After Encountering a Pothole:

If you can prove the city had notice of the pothole, and they should have corrected the problem before your injury, you can sue the city for your injuries. There is no cap on damages since you are suing a governmental agency. Since you are suing a non-automotive defendant, the injured person does not need to prove that they suffered a serious impairment of a body function. Click here to see if you have a case.


Things to do After Hitting a Pothole in Michigan:

Doing these simple things after hitting a pothole can help you protect your legal rights. Click here for our list of helpful tips.















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