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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Michigan motorcycle accident attorney Michael Morse understands that motorcycle riders in Michigan have a unique status under Michigan's No-Fault Laws. Motorcycles in Michigan are not defined as motor vehicles and therefore, they are not obligated to carry no-fault insurance. However, the Michigan motorcycle rider is still entitled to Michigan No-Fault benefits if the motorcycle is involved in a motorcycle accident with a "motor vehicle". This is a good thing for Michigan motorcycle riders, but only if the motorcycle accident is with a car, truck, or other defined "motor vehicle".


If the Michigan motorcycle rider is involved in simply a motorcycle only accident, i.e. if the motorcyclist lays down his/her bike to avoid another accident or hits a tree, then that person would not be able to collect under Michigan's No-Fault system. It is very important to speak to a Michigan motorcycle attorney who is extremely familiar with Michigan's motorcycle laws and Michigan's no-fault laws after an accident to make sure that you are advised correctly.

Although Michigan motorcycles are not required to obtain the mandatory Michigan no-fault insurance, the owners or registrants of Michigan motorcycles are legally required to carry what is known as PLPD. PLPD stands for "personal liability and property damage". If a Michigan motorcycle owner or registrant does no carry the PLPD coverage, then criminal penalties and the inability to collect under Michigan's no-fault system. It is always a terrible situation when a Michigan motorcycle rider calls our office after an accident, and finds out that nothing will be paid to them because they did not have the requisite PLPD insurance.


A common question that Michigan motorcycle riders have after an accident is, "Whose insurance pays my medical bills and wage loss?" As mentioned earlier, Michigan motorcycles......Click here to learn more or contact us by phone at 1.800-281-0606 or and we will be happy to answer all of your questions at no charge.















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"I was enjoying a ride on my motorcycle two years ago when a speeding driver collided with me throwing me off of my bike. The information I received from the insurance company was very confusing because I was not in a car when the accident occurred. I met with attorney Michael Morse two weeks later, and he personally took the time to answer all of my questions and explain everything to me so it made sense. Later that year, he handed me a settlement check for over $50,000.00. I would be glad to refer my friends and family to Michael Morse and the Auto Accident Claim Center."
---Larry Hayduk
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