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Tips To Avoid a Car Accident

  • Information on how to avoid a car accident from Edmonds.com.



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Our results speak for themselves:

AUTO ACCIDENT - Wayne County, Michigan: $900,000.00 arbitration award for a man with a herniated disk

FIRST-PARTY/NO-FAULT - Wayne County, Michigan: $775,000.00 recent 2004 settlement for a woman who cared for her daughter who suffered from paraplegia after a car accident.
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"When I was injured and had to make a claim for benefits, my insurance company dragged their feet for months and would not pay me. I almost lost my home. The excellent staff at the AACC took over my claim and within two weeks I received a check for my lost wages. I would not have been able to make ends meet during this difficult time without the help I received from the legal staff at the AACC."
-Richard Gonzalez, Detroit